With clients @jusbhawk and @jecoriel
With clients B. Hawk Snipes and Charles J. Johnson.
Surrounded by VIPs; Jet Set Spring in Jefrrey Rüdes
Surrounded by VIPs at Jet Set Spring in Jeffrey Rüdes.
Jet Set Spring in Jefrrey Rüdes
Jet Set Spring in Jeffrey Rüdes last March 30, 2017.
Ryan Silverman singing in Jeffrey Rüdes suit
Styled Ryan Silverman for his inspiring rendition of the Stars and Stripes.
James Barbour wears our Jeffrey Rüdes Suede jacket as he performs in front of 2,500 people.
With Ambassador Kaha Imnadze of Georgia
With Marcelo Gomes of American Ballet in a Jeffrey Rüdes event
With club owner restauranteur Roberto Bouchelli and model William Roy
With top agent Austin Rubino and model Steven Chevrin
Three Leo’s Eric Rutherford, Billy Uicker
With client actor and singer Ryan Silverman in Le Bilboquet
With client clarinetist David Orlowsky performing in Vienna Austria