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Marlon Corvera: Image Architect

“Never underestimate the power of a well-planned wardrobe and outfit. When you look good, you feel good – and that positive energy can do a lot of good for you, and for the people around you,” says Marlon Corvera, style consultant and image architect for the stars. He knows this from his experiences in outfitting royalty, heads of state, ambassadors and dignitaries, business leaders, and celebrities around the world.

Born with an artistic eye and extraordinary fashion sense, Corvera left a path towards a career in medicine, in order to pursue his talent and passion in New York City. Marlon has spent over 10 years perfecting his skills while working in the best fashion centers of Europe, Asia and America, and has served in NYC flagship stores of Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Burberry, and of course, Jeffrey Rüdes.

From New York, Corvera has also worked in other cities such as Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, Barcelona, Prague, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Dubai. His rich experiences, and detailed knowledge of the clothing and accessories of more than 20 world-renowned fashion houses, enables him to create looks, assemble outfits and entire wardrobes that suit the lifestyle, personality and public image of his high-profile and discerning clientele.

As a professional stylist, Corvera knows well the exponential benefits of dressing your best for any occasion. For people whose lives are always in the limelight (like his clients), a bad outfit often invites negative press, while a good and respectable outfit shows good fashion sense, which leaves a good impression that can open doors to better opportunities. Thus, as a public image architect, Corvera’s clients trust him to build up their image and poise them for success.

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Marlon Corvera knows well the exponential benefits of dressing your best for any occasion.